I Need Wallpaper Removal. Will Painters Do This?

I Need Wallpaper Removal. Will Painters Do This?Your wallpaper looks old and outdated, so it’s not surprising when you say, “I need wallpaper removal.” Since your wallpaper looks unsightly now, it should be an easy decision to remove it. 


Well, not quite. 


You are aware that removing wallpaper is a pretty delicate job, especially wallpaper that has stuck firmly to the walls for many years (or even decades). If your walls have layers after layers of wallpapers, it can be even trickier to strip them down due to the buildup of glue. Your main concern is that you may end up damaging the drywall if you remove the wallpaper the wrong way.


Most painting contractors offer wallpaper removal services. They have the skills, experience, and the right tools to remove wallpaper quickly, efficiently, and almost effortlessly. You can hire a professional to remove the ugly wallpaper, prepare the walls, and apply a fresh coat of paint to them. 


Testing the wallpaper first

At Custom Painting Inc., our team takes every precaution before tackling the surfaces covered with wallpaper. Since we cannot tell precisely how long the job will take, we usually do a little experiment first. Our test starts with a small portion of the wall (usually 1 x 1 square foot) to see how easy (or difficult) the removal will be. This test shows how easily (or difficult) the remainder of the wallpaper will pull off the walls. 


If the paper removes easily, the rest of the work will come off quickly. But if the removal proves difficult, we take another approach to ensure the best result possible.


Wallpaper removal that’s difficult but manageable may need the walls to be debrided by sanding, which scratches the surfaces to prepare the area for removal. Professionals use high-powered sanding tools, which do the job without messing. Once the sanding process is complete, the walls are applied with a stripper or surfactant and soap to dampen the surface. This method will help the paper fall off the walls. This step is necessary before moisture gets to the walls, that all electrical outlets are covered with painter’s tape, all power to the switches is turned off, and floors and baseboards are covered.


Sometimes, the wallpaper can’t just be stripped off without causing severe damage to the walls. When this occurs, professionals take another approach. First, they patch and seal the seams, allow them to dry, and then apply them over with an oil-based primer. IMPORTANT: if your wallpaper has texture, it will show through the topcoat.


If you don’t have prior experience removing wallpaper and attempt to do it yourself, you may damage the walls – and have a professional correct it, anyway. 


For such a delicate home improvement job as wallpaper removal, it’s wise to hand it over to the pros. “I need wallpaper removal,” you say. Well, turn to Custom Painting, Inc. to do the job for you. We have experience in the specialized process of applying and removing wallpaper. Contact us today, and we will give your home a refreshed and updated appearance.