Acoustic Ceiling Removal


Popularly known as “popcorn ceilings” due to their popcorn-like texture, acoustic ceilings were once a very popular style in homes in Pleasanton, CA. Homeowners loved these ceilings for their ability to hide flaws, low maintenance, and providing acoustic insulation. 

But now, acoustic ceilings are seen as outdated and unsightly, and an increasing number of homeowners who have acoustic ceilings want to get rid of them. There is also a chance that the materials in acoustic ceilings could contain asbestos, which is a toxic material and therefore can pose a significant health hazard. 

While you can tackle the removal by yourself, you will save yourself from stress (and from health and safety hazards) if you hire residential painters in Pleasanton, CA, like Custom Painting, Inc. 

Custom Painting, Inc. has been servicing residential and commercial clients in the Bay Area for over 40 years.  Our services extend beyond just painting as we also specialize in other jobs such as acoustic ceiling removal.

Why remove acoustic ceilings?

Many homeowners have more serious reasons to get rid of their acoustic ceilings other than aesthetic concerns. 

With the increasing rate of asthma and allergy sufferers, acoustic ceilings that contain asbestos should be on the way out. Asbestos itself doesn’t pose a threat if acoustic ceilings are left intact. But once they are disturbed or damaged, acoustic ceilings can release asbestos fibers into the air, and these fibers are dangerous if inhaled or ingested. Once the fibers are in the body, serious health conditions may develop. Exposure to asbestos can lead to illnesses such as asbestosis, mesothelioma and certain cancers. 

By removing the acoustic ceiling texture, homeowners can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Enhanced aesthetics – Removing popcorn ceilings modernizes your commercial space in an instant, providing a clean and contemporary appearance.
  • Improved lighting – A smooth ceiling surface reflects more light, making the spaces look brighter and spacious.
  • Increased ceiling height – Removing acoustic ceilings can increase the height of a room, creating a sense of more space.
  • Better air quality – Without the dents and bumps of textured ceilings, there is less likelihood for dust and allergens to settle and hide. As a result, the indoor air quality is significantly improved. With the ceiling texture removed, you also don’t have to worry about asbestos exposure.
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance – Cleaning a smooth ceiling surface is easier and quicker than dealing with a textured ceiling surface.

Why remove acoustic ceilings

What we offer

Custom Painting, Inc. follows this approach for removing acoustic ceilings:

  • Popcorn ceiling removal – Our team of painters gets the workspace ready by protecting your furniture, flooring, and belongings from dust and debris during the removal process. We use the latest equipment and techniques to remove the acoustic ceiling texture safely and efficiently. Following the removal, necessary repairs are done to the ceiling. Then the crew primes and paints the newly cleaned ceiling.
  • Asbestos testing and removal – Before removing the acoustic ceiling texture, our crew first assesses the condition of your acoustic ceilings for asbestos content. They obtain a sample of the acoustic ceiling material and send it to an EPA testing lab for asbestos content. Once your acoustic ceiling is confirmed to contain asbestos, you must have a certified asbestos removal contractor or a trained painting contractor with experience in working with asbestos to do the job for you.
  • Water-damaged ceiling repair – There are times that accidentally over-soaking the acoustic ceiling texture may lead to some damage to the drywall. Otherwise, water ceiling damage is caused by roof leaks or plumbing issues. Following the acoustic ceiling removal, our crew does the necessary repairs or replacement of the damaged drywall. Afterwards, the newly repaired or replaced section of the ceiling is primed and painted.
  • Cleanup and disposal – Our crew cleans after themselves and properly disposes of debris left over from the removal. If the removed material contains asbestos, it should be disposed of in a designated hazardous waste facility whenever possible.

Why choose Custom Painting, Inc.?

Acoustic ceilings are considered risky to remove, especially if they contain asbestos. Therefore, removal is best left to professionals, such as Custom Painting, Inc. We have an experienced team of painters and carpenters who will get the job right on the first go.

Our crew will prepare the workspace, safely remove the acoustic ceilings, replace them with new drywall or paneling, and finally, apply a fresh coat of paint on them. 

Custom Painting, Inc. is a licensed, bonded, and insured painting company with more than 40 years of experience in the paint industry, and we bring our expertise to provide the quality results you deserve. In addition, we offer competitive rates on acoustic ceiling removal, ceiling repairs, and paint. You will enjoy all these services for just one price!

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