Custom Crown Molding and Trim Installation and Painting

When you have spent a good amount of money on a house, you want it to be comfortable, but to also look good when friends and family visit. Similar to the last touch on a beautiful work of art, adding crown molding and trim to one or more rooms in your home can enhance its beauty, and add personality to your room. Custom Painting, Inc. has provided services including crown molding and trim installation, along with house painting in Pleasanton, CA for over 40 years. 

Our team of skilled painters know how to install crown molding and trim, so it blends perfectly with your space, providing a refined and elegant appearance. So, when you want to add a wow-factor to a room in your home, it’s time to add crown molding.

Service We Offer

Installing crown molding

Custom Crown Molding Installation 

Before we begin installing crown molding or trim, we take time to have a comprehensive design discussion with you, the homeowners. We will work closely with you to understand your vision and how you want the room(s) to look. After you have approved the design, we choose the materials that match your home’s décor. We also discuss the time limit you would like to have the work and set up a schedule to meet that date.

Trim Installation 

Our experience covers working with a range of trims, such as baseboards and chair rails. Whether you prefer your home to have a traditional or contemporary aesthetic, our team makes sure the trim selection fits perfectly with your overall design.

Painting Services 

Besides providing excellent crown molding and trim installation, we also offer painting services to ensure your trim is the color you want. We like homes that have a  refined finish, and our expert painters apply the selected colors you want to create the desired look and feel for your room. The new crown molding and trim can be a harmonious part of your room’s color scheme.

Benefits of Adding Crown Molding and Trim

There are many benefits associated with adding crown molding and trim to a formal dining room or bedroom. The list below explains them.

Improved Aesthetics 

When you think of class and refinement, you envision large rooms with high ceilings. Master bedrooms or dining rooms in expensive hotels may come to mind. If that is the case, you realize these types of rooms have exquisite crown molding giving the room a sense of height. Crown molding and trim can give any room a touch of class. They help create a complete and sleek look that improves the overall beauty of your living space.

Architectural Detail 

Crown molding and trim are not just extras. They can add unique features to your home’s design. They help distinguish the different areas of your home and make specific rooms look more appealing. Adding crown molding and trim adds flair and character to plain rooms, making them more noticeable.

Enhanced Property Value 

When you have skilled personnel install crown molding and trim in your home, it can boost the perceived value of your house. If you are trying to sell your home, potential buyers will admire the meticulous detail and high-end appearance they provide. Depending upon how many rooms you want to install crown molding and trim, the cost doesn’t have to break the family’s budget.

Hiding Imperfections 

Another benefit of adding crown molding and trim is that it can cleverly conceal flaws in the walls or ceiling. Adding them can create a smooth transition between the two and give the room an overall tidier appearance.

Customization and Style 

There are many crown molding designs, materials, and finishes available today. Depending upon what you want you can customize each room in your home using  crown molding and trim, enabling you to match your décor, whether your home is modern, traditional, or anything in between.

Sound Insulation 

Depending on the materials used, crown molding and trim can provide some sound insulation, lowering noise transmission between rooms. If this is something important to you, ask about the best type of molding and trim to reduce noise.

Protection from Wear and Tear 

Trim at the base of walls, like baseboards, can protect walls from everyday wear and tear caused by furniture, vacuuming, or accidental impacts. Baseboard trim can also hid any imperfections between the wall and the floor.

Low Maintenance 

Once installed and painted, crown molding and trim usually require little maintenance, adding a sturdy and long-lasting design element to your home.

Focal Point Accentuation 

Crown molding can highlight other design elements in a room, like a stunning light fixture or a centerpiece. They provide a natural focal point.

Our Process for Installation and Painting

Crown molding

Consultation and Design

Before we begin any work, we have a discussion with the client to understand their preferences, style, and the specific areas they want us to install crown molding and trim. We share various design options, including profiles and materials, and we record the client’s preferences.

Material Selection 

Suitable materials for the crown molding and trim are chosen based on design preferences. Factors such as durability, style, and budget are also considered.

Measurement and Customization 

Accurate measurements of the installation areas are made to ensure a perfect fit. Customization of crown molding and trim is done to suit the unique design needs of the space.

Preparation and Priming 

The installation areas are prepared by cleaning and priming the surfaces to ensure optimal adhesion and finish. Proper priming is crucial for achieving a smooth and long-lasting paint finish.

Installation and Fitting 

The custom crown molding and trim pieces are skillfully installed in designated locations, ensuring a seamless and snug fit. We take the time necessary to keep details in mind like aligning and joining sections correctly.

Seamless Integration

The crown molding and trim are seamlessly integrated with the existing architecture and décor to create a harmonious look.

Painting and Finishing 

The installed crown molding and trim are painted using high-quality paints and finishes according to the client’s chosen color scheme and preferences. Multiple coats of paint are applied to achieve a flawless, uniform finish.

Quality Inspection 

A comprehensive quality inspection ensures the installation is precise, the painting is flawless, and the overall result meets the client’s expectations.

Client Walkthrough and Approval 

The client is invited for a walkthrough to inspect the completed installation and painting. Any additional touch-ups or adjustments are made based on the client’s feedback.

Project Completion and Clean-up 

The project is considered complete after the client’s approval. The work area is thoroughly cleaned and tidied up, leaving the space ready for use. Our goal is to leave the room looking the same or better as when we began working in it.

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At Custom Painting, Inc., we provide expert crown molding and trim services with years of experience and careful craftsmanship. With customized designs and high-quality materials, we guarantee flawless installations and accurate painting, focusing on customer satisfaction and transparent communication throughout the process. Moreover, our clients enjoy our competitive pricing structure and excellent outcomes, making us a reliable choice for improving spaces with custom crown molding and interior/exterior painting services.

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