Home Painting Pleasanton: Best Colors If Selling Your Home

The great thing about home painting in Pleasanton is that it allows you to choose what color scheme you want for your home. A home is your investment and a reflection of your personality. The color you choose for your home will affect your mood for many years to come.

But there may come a time when you have to move to a new home, and you have to sell your current one. If that time comes, you will “stage” your house. Staging a house means strategically arranging all the furnishings and décor in your house to make it look its best as you sell it. But it’s not only décor arrangement that plays a factor in staging – but it can also involve the paint color of both the interior and exterior of your house. You may want to leave the color of the walls as it is, or re-paint them with a new color.

Should you have to re-paint your home, the safest choice would be white to give your potential buyer a clean slate. But if you want to have your house sold quickly, you should present your it wearing its potential than leaving it up to your potential buyer’s imagination.

Recommended colors and colors schemes when selling your home

First, keep in mind that the most important thing when choosing a color is for your house to look good. Make sure that the colors you choose should match, or else, the combination will become an eyesore, which defeats the purpose of painting your house. Using an artist’s color wheel is a good idea, from where you can pick colors that match each other, or complementary colors to find out what colors work best together.

While house painting allows you to choose your preferred color combination, it’s going to be a different matter when you are about to sell your house. The rule of thumb is that do not let your taste get in the way of what might be the best color choice in selling your home. 

Go for neutral tones because they will match best with any color of the furniture. For example, warm tans with pink undertones work best for living rooms. The combination gives a warm and cozy look to the room and can help increase your home’s property value.

You should beware of colors that can potentially decrease your home’s selling value. For example, any bold shades of red for the kitchen can turn off your potential buyers. For a safe but still chic color combination, you might go for a black-and-white tuxedo scheme for the kitchen. Paint the walls with a lighter color and then cabinets with a darker one. This combination results in a balance that’s pleasing to the eye, and they can work well with the accent colors of your potential buyers’ choice.

As for other rooms, bathrooms will benefit from the calming light blues, pale gray, and beige. Matte soft cerulean will give soothing effect for bedrooms. Dining room walls awash with slate will add a whiff of sophistication. Researchers at Zillow, an American online real-estate database firm, report that slate dining rooms sold for about $2,000 more compared to plain white dining rooms.

Choosing the right combination of colors can help you earn a lot more money. You can find several commercial painting contractors who offer services other than home painting in Pleasanton, such as color consultation services. They can offer you thousands of colors and color schemes to choose from to get your house ready for the market. After you have decided on the ideal colors for your home, these professional painters will paint your home with the colors of your choice. The painters make sure they will finish the job according to schedule while maintaining quality and precision. With a house that looks market-ready, you can expect several offers in no time!