Make Your Room Appear A Different Size with House Painting in Pleasanton

Make Your Room Appear A Different Size with House Painting in PleasantonWe know that the walls, a ceiling and floor of a room are permanently set and cannot be moved or altered. Although this may be literally true, our eye can be “tricked” to some degree. Our eyes can be deceived into seeing things in a different perspective. This is true when house painting in Pleasanton, where a certain paint color changes our perception of a room’s size and shape.

Usually, lighter and cooler colors lend a receding effect in a room, meaning they appear farther away, and more so when the room is bathed in natural daylight. Darker colors, on the other hand, tend to advance and appearing towards us. This concept may be used to make your room look larger or smaller, with patterns or no patterns. Applying a certain paint color in a room can fool our eyes into seeing that a room is big or small. This concept can also change the space by bringing out your room’s positive aspects and hiding the not-so-attractive ones.

Painting a room changes a person’s perception of a room’s height or width. One tip is to paint the ceiling. If you feel too claustrophobic, paint the ceiling with a lighter color which will make your room appear taller than it really is.

Painting the walls will affect the perceived space of the room. For example, painting the walls with a lighter color will make a small space seem larger and less cramped. Conversely, painting them with a darker color will seem to reduce your room’s perceived space.

When your room is painted with a monochrome color, it leaves no more stopping place for the eye. This means you have to paint the trim with the same color as the walls so as not to draw your particular attention. Apart from the lighter colors, also use cool colors such as blue or green to increase apparent distance of the walls. Patterns, borders, and other things should be avoided so that they will never make a stopping place for the eye. However, it’s all right to paint your rooms with vertical stripes.

Conversely, if your room is too spacious, paint the ceiling with a darker, warmer color that will seem to reduce the apparent height of the ceiling. It will make your room look more snug and comfortable. Textures, patterns and borders can be used to make highlights for your large space. Paint your trims with a different color to further achieve that effect. Add more elements such as wainscoting or chair rails, or paint the lower half of your room with a color different from the top half. If your room is long, paint a lighter color on the longer sides; this will make your room seem wider. An accent wall can turn into your room’s focal point by painting it with a different color.

You may not literally change the walls or the ceilings of your room, but these clever tricks used when house painting in Pleasanton will deceive your eye into seeing your room as larger or smaller.