House Painting in Pleasanton – Decorative Ceilings Can Change Your Room

House Painting in Pleasanton - Decorative Ceilings Can Change Your RoomOnce you have finished house painting in Pleasanton, maybe you want to add something else in your room to mirror your personality and preference. One tip is to add decorative ceilings. They can change the whole appearance, feel and atmosphere of your room. Whether you decorate your ceiling with textures or tiles, dropped or raised, the possibilities for a decorative ceiling vary. The ceiling isn’t only a part of your room that is needed for hanging your lamps; it is actually a lot more versatile than many homeowners realize. Think of it as an overhead canvas where you can add your personal touch.

If you choose to raise the ceiling, consider the type of home you have first. Raising a ceiling s is not always possible especially if your home has two stories and you decide to have a decorative ceiling on the lower floor. But if it is possible, then you may want to proceed with adding more height to your room. A higher room gives the space a more open feel. Because of the added height, you can now put in additional decorations and fixtures. A higher ceiling allows more space between the decorations and the people who view them.

On the other hand, if you plan to have a dropped ceiling (also called a suspended ceiling), consider the actual height of your room first. If your ceilings reach the standard eight feet high, you may or may not want to try this option. If you don’t plan to put a ceiling fan, you may be able to bring your ceiling just about a foot down. This will allow you to leave your room with adequate space. You can use standard plastic or metal bands to hold a ceiling (which is usually tiles). There is another option — adding a beautiful wood framework. You may also choose tiles, which are a popular material for a dropped decorative ceiling. These come in many sizes and colors. Or, if you are artistic, you can paint those tiles before they are installed.

To add some interest, you can install tiles or panels directly over the existing ceiling. These materials can be made of wood, tin, copper, or other materials, and the bonding or attaching agents can be glue, nails or screw.

Stucco is another popular choice for a decorative ceiling. Stucco is a type of decorative material used on walls and ceilings. A popcorn-styled ceiling is another form of texture made with stucco. Float, skip trowel and knockdown are other types of textures created with stucco. Stucco can be a versatile style as it also allows you to create unique original patterns. However, having a textured surface makes repainting difficult, unless you paint with a sprayer. So you need think this over carefully before choosing stucco as a decorative ceiling.

A coffered decorative ceiling is a sunken panel that can come in various shapes — square, rectangle or octagon. The box-like squared coffered ceiling is usually seen in older houses. Coffered ceilings can be made to look formal for certain rooms such as dining rooms, or informal for living rooms and similar spaces. Whether you choose this type of ceiling decoration for formal or informal uses would depend upon both the kind of molding or patterns used.

Beams are also a popular style for ceilings. When you leave the beams in their natural state — usually old and weathered — they create a rustic, outdoorsy feel, it’s like staying inside a comfy cabin. When the beams are painted, they will make the whole space a more formal atmosphere. When you decided to add beams, always keep in mind when installing lighting fixtures, beams will cause shadows if the lights are raised above them.

These are some of the ways to beautify your ceiling while doing house painting in Pleasanton. A decorative ceiling does not only give your room a whole new look and feel, but it will further reflect your personal taste and uniqueness.