House Painting Pleasanton – Eco-Friendly Painting Tips

House Painting Pleasanton - Eco-Friendly Painting TipsMore and more people are beginning to understand that their actions will affect the environment, and these actions include house painting in Pleasanton. If you are one of the environmentally conscious people, you may not want a forest-green home but you certainly may want to use paints that are friendly to Mother Nature.

You may want to take these important eco-friendly painting tips when you do house painting in Pleasanton. You will be able to not only update the look of your home or your business, but you can help protect the environment, at the same time.

Many of the traditional paints sold in the market today include volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Some of the paints have high levels of VOCs which will release as vapors and gases as the paint dries. Paints that contain VOCs have a negative effect on you and your family’s health particularly if you spend long periods of time in enclosed areas with the vapors. These chemicals can cause acute symptoms including headaches and dizziness, and will likely trigger allergies such as asthma. Although VOC’s long-term effects have not been determined, the US Environmental Protection Agency suspects that some VOC’s have properties that can cause cancer.

Paints with these chemicals can also cause equally adverse effects to the environment because they increase the chance of urban smog. So if you’re concerned about your own health and that of the environment, buy “green” paints with low VOC or, better yet, with no VOCs at all. This type of paint may cost you more than traditional paints, but these paints are safe for you, your family, and the environment. Paints with low or no VOCs are less toxic and improve indoor air quality, therefore you’ll breathe cleaner air. Aside from those benefits, these eco-friendly paints also have excellent durability and a washable finish, just like traditional paints.

There are a variety of paints that have low/no VOCs, such as latex and recycled latex (both are water-based) and even soy and milk-based products.

Here are other tips for an eco-friendly house painting in Pleasanton:

1. Use high quality tools such as paint brushes and other tools that are hand-made. Most of these tools are made with natural materials. They may cost more than synthetically-made tools, but at least these natural-made tools will last longer if they are cared for properly.

2. Use eco-friendly putty that is non-toxic, has low levels of VOC or no VOCs at all. They are alos hypoallergenic.

3. Hire professional, licensed and insured painters in Pleasanton who are willing to use low- or non-VOC paints. If the contractors you have chosen does not use eco-friendly paints, you may still request that they use them in your home. Most contractors will honor this request if you make it. Some of the eco-friendly paints you can request to include those from several manufacturers: Kelly-Moore Paints, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Dunn-Edwards, and Natural Interior Paint. You will need to confirm the paint you want is available in your area.

4. Don’t use paint that that contains formaldehyde. If you are in a room with high levels of this gas, it can cause watery eyes at the least. However, people in a room with formaldehyde may also develop nausea, a burning sensation in the throat, difficulty in breathing, and they may trigger an asthma attack.

5. Licensed painters know to seal up vents and ducts at the home before they begin painting. This one act can prevent dust and chemicals from entering the ductwork and other parts of the home. With fewer chemicals and dust in the in the ducts and vents system, they will be less likely to circulate throughout the building.

6. Be more careful about your cleaning methods after the painting job has been finished. It’s better to hire professional paint contractors because they know what to do with leftover paint. They also know how to clean other tools such as brushes, rollers, and paint sprayers. However, if you do decide to paint your home, check to see if the paint can be cleaned up with just mild soap and water. You want to avoid cleaning solvents if possible. Follow the instructions on how to properly dispose of debris after you paint.

These are the eco-friendly tips when you do house painting in Pleasanton. It may take you some time and effort, but in the end you do a great favor for your health as well contribute good things to protect the environment.