Consider These House Painting in Pleasanton Suggestions before Selling Your Home

Consider These House Painting in Pleasanton Suggestions before Selling Your HomeThere are many reasons why you want to do house painting in Pleasanton. You may want to update the look of your house. You may want to look your house more beautiful. Or you may have the intention of selling your house. Re-painting it will increase its resale value.

When you give your house a fresh coat of paint, your house will look nearly as good as new. This will be an attractive factor for potential buyers. Always remember that there is stiff competition these days as more and more people are putting up their homes on the market.

Of course, you want your home as “re-saleable” as possible so there is work that needs to be done. First, you will want to repair damaged or overused parts of the house such as the toilet, gutters, flooring, and roof. It’s up to the homeowners if they also want to paint the house again, and many people may not want to re-paint their homes. However, if you want to find a buyer and make a quick profit, you should improve your house as much as possible by also re-painting it. This is especially applicable to homes that are about 15 to 20 years old and have not been repaired or repainted. Keep in mind that buyers will scrutinize each and every part of your house to ensure themselves that the house they will be buying is worth their money.

It is true that first impressions last especially from the moment potential buyers step inside your house. Keep in mind that once they discover some flaws or wrong color combinations, it will discourage them from buying your property. And you don’t want this to happen. For many people, choosing the right color is of the utmost importance when re-selling their house. It’s not just about the fresh coat of paint. It’s also very important to choose the right color combination for your house painting in Pleasanton. You will notice how a simple paint color placement can actually make your house look more high-end and visually attractive to potential buyers. This is particularly true if you use premium high-quality paint. It will increase your house’s resale value.

White and beige are neutral colors, and the most preferred ones for house painting in Pleasanton. However, you will want to highlight some parts of your house such as trim and banisters with a vibrant color to help them stand out.

You must also have the customer in mind when doing house painting in Pleasanton. This is especially true when it comes to exterior house painting where a potential buyer will get a first impression.

As much as you want your house to stand out to buyers, you must still keep your house in harmony with those of your neighbors. If their houses are white or beige, don’t paint yours with pink, canary or neon green. This is especially true when you realize that your potential buyer is new to the neighborhood and may not want to attract unwanted attention by living in a vividly-colored house. If you want your house to keep up with your neighbors, but at the same time make it outstanding, a bold paint color on the doors and windows will make the difference.

Geographical location can be a deciding factor when exterior painting. For instance, sunny yellows, sea blues and greens might be fine for exterior walls if you live near a Florida beach. This won’t work if you live in a suburban neighborhood in Chicago, however.

When painting the rooms of your house, you must be aware of the functions. A living is room is where the family usually spends their time together watching television or entertaining guests. Warm, welcoming colors such as white, tan, beige, shades of yellow, orange or a combination of these, may be good.

A kitchen, a dining room, or a combination of the two is a place where meals are prepared and eaten. So a warm and vibrant color is best applied to these rooms. Red is believed to stimulate one’s appetite, so it’s a really popular paint color for kitchens and dining rooms. Other colors for these areas are white, different shades of yellow, orange, or even green. Try these color combinations: paint your walls with red, and countertops and cabinets with white.

Subdued and relaxing colors are conducive to rest and sleeping. And so, bedrooms should be painted with varying shades of blue and green. Some bedrooms are even painted with black with some white accents. Other agreeable paint colors for the bedroom are shades of violet or purple and soft gray.

Most bathrooms are small, but many homeowners make the mistake of painting the bathroom with bolder colors. As a result, it will appear smaller (and even more claustrophobic) than it actually is. Paint your bathroom with the classic beige or white. Doing so will give your bathroom an illusion of height and space. When a bathroom is brightly-colored, it will also help you spot any mold or mildew.

House painting in Pleasanton for the purposes of re-selling a home is not an easy task indeed. However, with the right paint color combinations, it will make your house stand out from the competition and help you land a buyer more quickly than you realize.