House Painting Walnut Creek – Colors to Avoid in the Nursery

Painting a baby’s nursery is probably one of the most personal house painting in Walnut Creek projects.

As a parent, you want the health and safety of your soon-to-be-newborn a top priority. Naturally, you will become more cautious when it comes to choosing paints for your baby’s nursery. You want to make sure to select paint products that have zero VOCs, are non-toxic, and most preferably, are made from natural ingredients.

It’s best to paint the nursery first before planning to have a pregnancy. But if you happen to be expecting right now, you may want to read this guide so that you will have an idea about whether or not it’s safe to proceed with the painting project while you’re still on the family way.

When you have all these health and safety factors figured out, it’s time to choose the nursery’s colors. You want to create a space that’s comforting and relaxing for your baby. According to color psychologists, colors can significantly affect the psyche, affecting and influencing everything from mood to physical well-being.

When you know colors and their effects on you, you can quickly transform a drab room into a soothing, comforting sanctuary for your little bundle of joy.

After doing some research, you know by now which colors to paint – as well as colors not to paint – your baby’s nursery. So, let’s start with the colors that you should better steer clear of when painting your baby’s nursery:

Red – Did you know that red is usually the first color an infant sees? Infants see only red first. As their color vision begins to develop, they will see a full spectrum of colors when they reach five months of age.

But when infants see red only, does it mean it’s a good thing? Red is perceived as the color of excitement and can attract a lot of attention from your baby. But red – especially lots of red – can draw a bit too much attention; that’s enough to keep anyone awake, let alone an infant. It’s best as an accent color, though.

Orange – Like red, orange provokes excitement and can attract a lot of attention from your baby. It’s best to avoid strong use of orange for nursery walls, although orange is acceptable as an accent color.

Yellow – Understandably, some parents love to paint their baby’s nurseries with cheerful colors. Yellow is lively, positive, energetic – and also a bit too stimulating for your baby’s developing senses. It’s best as an accent color but choose more subdued shades that will help your baby’s concentration and emotive thoughts.

White – White may be pure, clean, and innocent but can also be cold and pretty emotionless. Too much white can also be too bright, especially when hit by light, and thus, pose some sleep problems for your baby. So, as much as possible, avoid painting your baby’s nursery stark white. But if you choose an all-white nursery, it’s good to put some pops of bright and vivid colors to create visual balance and evoke openness and emotion.

Black  Black is fine – it can also be a surprisingly versatile color – as long as it’s used in moderation. If the nursery receives a lot of natural light, black is a good choice but an accent color. Too much black can be too depressing for your little one. Besides, it’s a nightmare to repaint all-black walls!

Anything ombre – “Ombre” means having colors or tones that gradually shade into each other. During your baby’s first few months, they may not be able to distinguish colors clearly just yet, especially if these colors or tones blend into each other. So, if you’re going for a two-color scheme for your baby’s nursery, go for stark and solid contrasts instead of ombre blends.

On that note, experts recommend cool colors, such as blues, purples, and greens, over warm and loud ones. Blues are calming, but be careful with the shade, as deep blues can convey sadness. As for purples, pastel shades like lavenders and lilacs are popular choices for many nurseries. Purples are also the best choices for nurseries, no matter the gender of your baby. Green promotes calmness and concentration. It is also the most “natural” color (think of foliage), so you can’t go wrong with green! Pink is also a good choice – aside from being a no-brainer choice for a baby girl’s nursery, pink also has the reputation of being a calming color. It’s the best color especially for children who are prone to throwing fits or tantrums.

With a simple house painting in Walnut Creek using the right colors, you can turn a drab space to be a nurturing, soothing, and comforting place for your little bundle of joy.