Things to Know Prior to Hiring Painting Contractors Near Me

It’s inevitable. Every decade or so, your house needs new paint. Besides looking good, a fresh coat of paint provides the first line of defense for your home against the weather elements. Although good quality paint is essential to a long-lasting paint job, it’s not all that. You need someone competent and reliable to paint your home.

But hiring professional painting contractors near me does not guarantee that things will go entirely smoothly. Breakdowns in communication can lead to costly mistakes. So, to avoid such a predicament, preparation is the key to hiring the right contractor for your project.

Here are the following crucial things to know before deciding to hire painting contractors near me.

Should I DIY it or not?

Your choice will likely depend on the scope of the project. If it’s a simple task – such as painting an accent wall, staining kitchen cabinets, or adding a decorative wall stencil – you may want to choose the DIY way. Besides, hiring a team of workers for such a small task will cost you a lot more than hiring them for a more significant project. And most of all, many homeowners choose the DIY route because of financial reasons. They will be able to save a few dollars when they tackle the job by themselves. But if they want a long-lasting finish that can also look as good as done by a professional painter, they should invest in quality tools and do the proper prep work.

But if you have an extensive and elaborate project coming – such as a complete house painting or a job that requires waterproofing or sandblasting – you will need to hire a professional painting contractor. They have the skills, the right tools, and quality paints and coatings to get the job done right, safely, and on time. People often do not want to spend the time, nor do they have the skills to tackle such large and elaborate projects. In addition, it can be pretty difficult to estimate how much paint you need or how to reach difficult spots, so hiring a pro is an excellent decision for such tasks.

Where to find reputable painters?

If you hire a professional contractor, several methods to find them.

Most people go online to search for services, such as paint contractors. Look on search engines like Google or Yahoo. You will receive hundreds and thousands of painters from their results pages. Narrow down these results, and you will start to contact them, ask them many questions, ask them for references, and review their bids before you settle on the right contractor. There is a downside to this method: you won’t be able to verify much. Some contractors aren’t inclined to present their less-than-stellar sides much; instead, they want to paint themselves positively.

You can also check out painting contractors on review sites, such as Angi’s, Home Advisor, Google Reviews, Houzz, etc., which can help with other decisions. They provide a forum for honest discussion of services provided by the company. You will read both positive and negative experiences from customers you may or may not know.

What do you need to do before painters come to your property?

Even though some professionals might do specific tasks for you, remember that you’re paying them to paint. Time is money, especially when you’re on a budget; you don’t want painters to do other things like moving stuff around. If saving time is essential, you should do the following items by yourself:

  • Move furniture.
  • Remove outlet covers and switch plates.
  • Clean the walls.
  • Repair any surface damage.
  • Tape off anything that you don’t want to paint.

What to expect from a house painter?

When you deal with a professional painting contractor, there are a few standards that you should expect. The crew should be timely and stick to the schedule they presented to you before starting. A representative will do a complete walkthrough to see what you want to be painted. They’ll take measurements, discuss with you and ask you many questions before providing the final estimate. The representative should talk with you about colors, finishes, and the results you want.

License and insurance: You should also expect the painting contractor to have a valid license and active insurances (preferably both liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance). Using a licensed and insured contractor will help you feel secure about hiring them, as it protects yourself, your property, and the contractor in case of an accident. The contractor is expected to provide their license and insurance information if requested. Beware of any contractor who doesn’t willingly provide such information when you ask for them.

Estimate: The estimate you receive should be an example of the work to be expected. If you see a number just scribbled onto a napkin, look somewhere else! If the estimate is poorly written and lacks clarity – the quality of work will follow suit. This type of estimate is a red flag you do not want to disregard. Look for a professionally done estimate that has all the details of the work expected, such as prep work, painting, clean-up, the coats of paint to be applied, the expected cost of supplies, labor, and touch-ups (if any).

Timely execution: A professional painting contractor should arrive on time, avoid any delays when possible, and get the job right on time.

Safety: There should be no compromises on safety. You can tell when a contractor is professional when following strict safety protocols, such as wearing safety gear.

Colors and finishes: The contractor should be clear about your expectations with the painting job. They will ask questions to understand what colors, finishes, or shades you want.

Cleaning up after painting: Let’s face it – painting can be messy. You can expect a professional painter to keep your property as clean as possible during the job. And if they ever make a mess, they know how to clean them quickly but adequately.

How long will the job take? Let’s face it again – quality paint may take time, so it’s essential to know how much time you should allot to this job. It also depends on the scope of the project. If the project involves painting several rooms, you may need to leave your home for a few hours – or even a few days.

Payment process: Steer clear of painters who ask for the total payment upfront. Remember, a truly professional contractor who is confident and secure in his abilities will not ask for full payment until they complete the job. Custom Painting, Inc. is against paying more than 20% to 30% of a job’s total cost upfront. If you hand them over a large amount of money at the start, the contractor may be slow to start or finish the entire project – in a worst-case scenario; the contractor may abandon the project entirely because he has the money.

If you have a large painting project, in particular, hiring painting contractors near me is the best decision you will ever make. You will save time and money in the long run. With a quality paint job, you will reap certain benefits, such as enhanced appearance and solid protection for your home, for many years to come.